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The move is pretty much done!

And there’s a specific thing I mean by “pretty much”. I have most of my shit together at this point, but there’s more Ikea trips planned to acquire things like a non-cardtable desk and the obligatory shark plushie. I’ve gotten settled in, mostly unpacked, and everything’s already going according to–well, not the plan, so much as the kind of rapid-fire decisions that happen when you get four nerds under one roof and they start pitching ideas at each other. My job title has gone from intern to project manager overnight, because I said “what if we did this” and the answer was “We’re doing that”. It is very exciting.

What does this mean for Hellwave Roadkill?

The guys I’m working with have been very careful to emphasize that they want me to keep working on my games. To the point that they have promised that I’ll only work on stuff that is at least somewhat relevant to gamedev, like doing metaprogramming to auto-generate shaders. The current project I’m on doesn’t have as much to do with game development as that, but if this works out, we’ll have a hell of a lot of money, and if it doesn’t, we’ll have spent maybe a month of effort on something that cost us basically nothing.

What about the blog? It’s been awful quiet.

That’s because I was on a plane for eight hours. And then had to unpack. And then sacrificed a small chunk of my thumb to the Ikea Gods in the process of assembling my dresser. And then finally got my real computer back so I can stuff the shitty backup laptop in a cubby where it belongs.

In short, I’ve been really fuckin busy. That’s why I haven’t released any devlogs recently.

What, exactly, has been released since last time?

Well, I finally sat down and released version one of a doom mod I’ve been working on for a while, BloodWave. I’ll be doing a post-mortem on it later. When I get some feedback. I’m, uh, not even sure if people like it. There’s been a lot of downloads! That’s good, right?

Going Forward…

I’m probably gonna slow down a bit on gamedev. But I’ll try to squeeze some work in from time to time, either on HWRK or on something else interesting. I’ll also try to keep writing blogposts, mostly about game design, maybe about a few other things.

Watch this space, I guess.

Update: 2021-09-02

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