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I’m Moving!

Those of you who follow my twitter account might’ve noticed that I quit my job recently. Let me explain some more things about that.

First: I got a job. I’m not sure how many details I wanna give out at the moment, but the plan is I’m gonna go work for a startup/incubator type place. It’ll be interesting, partly because I won’t have the job security of working for a company that’s already making big money, but also partly because they’re doing some crazy shit. And I mean crazy shit. We’re talking “change the way we do programming” plans here. Only time will tell if progress gets made on that, but the guys I’m gonna be working for have also expressed interest in helping me with gamedev, including offering to build a whole-ass engine for some of my crazier ideas.

Second: I didn’t really get much done this week. I’m not gonna get a lot done this week either, because I’m gonna have someone coming in this Sunday to check out the apartment, and holy fuck I let this place go. I gotta spend some time cleaning up, which is also gonna be good for unwinding after the emotional/mental torture that I went through while trying to unfuck the warehouse I worked at. I’m gonna write a blogpost about that shit. It’s gonna be so bad.

Third: I have money for the next couple months already. I would appreciate some more Patreon funds, but I’m good for now. Everything appears to be going to plan, so I’ll be hopping off to Seattle in August. It’s gonna be great.

Update: 2021-07-21

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