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Game Design In Theory
Time To Kill is a measurement of how long it takes for a player to defeat another player in a PVP game. It’s mostly used in the first person shooter sphere, especially in games with many players running around the same map. Games with high TTK, like Halo, can feel forgiving–or they can feel like they’re being played in slow-motion. Games with low TTK, like Counter-Strike, can be exciting and fast-paced–or they can feel exceptionally difficult, like playing chess against a grandmaster.
Fun. It exists. Supposedly. People argue quite a lot about what it is. What counts as fun? What makes one game more fun than the other? Is any game ‘fun’, or is that just a thing people say when they can’t come up with a reason the game is good? I propose that the question we’re asking is inherently wrong. Fun is not a scalar value. It’s not a binary, fun or not-fun.